Colourful interior design ideas


January is widely accepted to be the most depressing month. The shorter daylight hours, colder temperatures and predominance of puddles during the early months of the year tend to leave all but the hardiest of us feeling rather more somber than usual. Which is why this week we’ve put together our top colourful interior design ideas to bring a bit of oomph into any interior and banish those blues (if you’ll excuse the pun).

eclectic-decorating-style-3whimsical-eclectic-living-roomPicture perfect – If the idea of committing to a wall of solid colour scares you, a neutral base plastered with artwork may be the option for you. These two living room colour schemes add life to the most basic white walls and wood panelling with carefully chosen pastel and primary colour prints. 

rainbow-coloured-flower-cushions-purple-red-coarl-orange-yellow-feminineGradual gradients – When dealing with bright colour schemes choosing complimentary hues can be tricky to say the least. Bypass this problem by choosing gradiated shades within the same colour family. For example these ombre effect cushions add a dash of playfulness to a room without any fear of unsightly clashing.

glebe22glebe51Just a pop – We opted to add a single block of bright colour to this ground level kitchen and living area. A sunny yet cool-toned yellow may seem an outrageous choice at first, but when paired with complimentary prints and dark woods can be a surprisingly subtle way to add light and character to potentially dark spaces. 

Woodley-15DSCF0017Deep and meaningful – If you are keen to take the plunge with colour, but want something that will withstand the test of time and passing fashions, try a deeper, muted shade. We chose this blood-orange red to warm up an otherwise imposing double height space, but deeper hues can be equally as effective in smaller, cosy spaces such as home offices.

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