A Summer Chalet

clif8 At Clifton we like to be daring with design, and to help our clients take risks with their interiors that might seem to daunting to commit to on their own. Don’t get us wrong, we love traditional design and have in the past undertaken specialised, restorative work, but when it comes to our clients’ living spaces we delight the contrast of old and new and providing a touch of the unexpected. Which is why we have so enjoyed our latest overseas project. The client wanted a contemporary feel for their ski chalet, suitable for a large family with children and teens, and the twist? It needed to be used all year round. So with summer biking holidays and long sunny walks in mind as well as Christmases round the fire, a traditional winter-ready theme of logs and blankets simply wouldn’t do.  So in researching the project we came up with a few themes and ideas to help us avoid ski cliche and provide a space which could be chic, inviting and family friendly not just in the colder months, but all year round.

clif6 1. Rethinking Rustic – Yes ok they are antlers – what did we just say about ski cliche? – but these are antlers reimagined. Mounted on a plane white wall and juxtaposed with contemporary furnishings (as above), or finished in white lacquer and used as a playful coathook they become a modern riff on traditional chalet decor.

clif9 2.One with Nature – Unrefined finishes such as that used for this bench serve as a link to the rugged terrain outdoors without relying on an overuse of bare log finishes, which can feel oppressive in the summer months.


clif5 3. Back to Basics – The client wanted assistance with accesorising, and we felt natural, handmade pieces in simple shapes would translate well at all times of year and provide a relaxed tone without compromising on quality.

clif7tweet1 4. A Touch of Magic – A chaley should be a magical place where lasting family memories are forged and a few playful accents can give a space an unforgettable character. For example the younger members of the family couldn’t fail to love this antique ski lift chair (above) while understated lighting accents like this bell jar lamp lend an air of festivity which is not too specific to Christmas, and thus can be used all year round.

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