Blue Is The Colour

2015 has certainly been the year for Blue.

For the last few months blue has been everywhere in the fashion world and interiors – not surprising as its versatility and variety are seemingly endless.
Of course blue is evocative, playing on memory and emotions from our pasts. For me it conjures up powerful memories, amongst them the of my ‘French Navy’ school uniform, and my grandmother’s favourite ‘Blue Grass’ dusting powder and perfume.

The positive qualities of blue are of indicating trust, integrity and efficiency, it is also said to represent communication and logic. Emotionally it is said to symbolise calm, reflection and serenity.
Of course it has its negative connotations, and can come across as cold, aloof, uncaring, and mournful.
Blue can be avoided in interiors because of the connotations with being cold and clinical. We love to use colour at Clifton, and we do love blue! We have for example teamed blue schemes with metal finishes and gold tones to create a warm and modern look as at Redington Road (see above)

Navy blue’s renaissance has endured for a few months now, as reported in the interior design press. For example, see House & Garden’s recent blog post: for some beautiful examples of the use of darker blue, and some navy blue schemes from their archives.
A darker blue can create a warm, snug interior with a protective and thoroughly contemporary feel (see F&B’s Hague lacquered room below)

I love Luca Nichetto’s Cloud Armchair LN1 in ‘Night Blue’. The fabric is a weave of blue and back threads – Sunniva 2 by Raf Simons and Fanny Aronsen for Kravdrat.


Of course, it doesn’t end there. In a contrast to those dark navy’s, last week Romo promoted their range of tranquil blues teamed with pale greys to create a cool, calm story.

And simultaneously, Tom Dixon’s ‘Wingback’ dining chair in Cerulean Blue is one examples of the new wave of a brighter, more electrified and energetic hue seen in many furniture pieces currently:


It seems as though Blues will endure as central to interior schemes for some months to come.


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